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9/11 Memorial Museum

Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer says progress is being made in Lower Manhattan regarding the construction and rebuilding of the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  After Hurricane Sandy, the 22 million gallons of water that flooded the museum site damaged the construction and was a serious setback.

Thankfully, many of the large artifacts accumulated from the wreckage debris that were slated to be displayed in the museum were unharmed.  Most were kept in storage, as the construction was placed on hold due to various controversies regarding the matter.  Christy believes, as do many others, that this was a blessing in disguise, allowing the artifacts to maintain their ability to present a story.
A fire truck that was parked on Vessey Street and
was half destroyed when the building came down.
A twisted piece of steel demonstrating the power of the wreckage.

It’s been an honorable and trying mission to create a sacred place within this museum for those who’ve lost loved ones. Mike Bloomberg and Christy Ferer have been discussing and acting upon how these artifacts can best address the public, and present their unique messages.  (Check below for a adorable picture of us together in our construction outfits)

Jane Rosenthal – An active leader on the board of
the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at
The World Trade Center.
Among the active and devoted members of the board is the Director of the Museum, Alice Greenwald.  She has aided every helping hand towards creating a powerful demonstration of the resilience our country has undergone, and continues to exhibit. More information on the museum can be found here
Mike – What a cutie!
Alice Greenwald – Museum Director

Click here to read NY Times articles on the 9/11 memorial


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Christy Ferer Loves Style Tips from Pro Johnny Lavoy

One of the east coast’s most sought-after hairstylist (Vidicom’s CEO, Christy Ferer loves his work), Johnny Lavoy, gives some simple tips on how to go from the runway to the real world without spending hours in front of the mirror.


He also shared some of his hairstyle tips on Babble:



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A girl’s gotta have a good time

Here are a few of Vidicom’s CEO Christy Ferer’s articles from Huffington Post:


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Why FYI? Read About Vidicom’s CEO, Christy Ferer

Christy Ferer, Vidicom’s fearless leader, is blessed with friends and colleagues who are always so generous in exchanging information on the latest favorite blog to a cool art exhibit, theater, travel or resto adventure. So, here is for you!

Here are some more of Christy Ferer’s favorite websites that provide excellent coverage on what’s happening in NYC:




Posted by Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer.

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Christy Ferer Featured on News on Women

Vidicom’s CEO, Christy Ferer is featured in the News on Women website. To read her story, click the link below:



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Multimedia Content Drives Nearly 10 Times More Visibility than Text

Here’s an interesting article that Christy Ferer came across:


PR Newswire has released the results of its second deep dive analysis of its press release data, revealing once again that press releases that include multimedia assets garner significantly more visibility than text-only releases — up to 9.7 times more.

Following a 2011 study, PR Newswire’s 2012 study examined data from PRNewswire.com via Adobe SiteCatalyst. PR Newswire’s web analytics team analyzed thousands of press releases published in 2011 and 2012 to determine the impact that adding photos, videos and other downloadable content has on levels of engagement with press releases.

The data shows that simply adding a photo to a text-only press release increases visibility by 1.8 times, while adding a video to a text-only release delivers 4.3 times the number of views. Including both photo and video content further enhances a story, driving visibility by 7.4 times more than plain text releases. To read more, click on the link above.

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