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The New Gregory Colbert

2005 New York City in the art scene.…No one could talk abut anything else other than the architecture of the this mobile museum on Pier 54. Of course at the heart of it the artist Gregory Colbert got plenty of buzz. He populated it with his legendary work  “Ashes and Snow”, a poetic narrative  of sublime photography and film recording animals in the wild and their interaction with humans. These humongous images all are housed in a 45,000 mobile museum that made it not only to piers in New York but to Venice, New York, Santa Monica, Tokyo, and Mexico City. He calls it nomadic museums.

Ok… amazing…great…changed the art scene with this nomadic museum concept and size and breadth of his work. Then he disappears. He is not seen or heard of by the public and his fans for 12 years.

This because now we know he was up to doing another masterpiece.

Now he’s done it again, and I had the privilege of seeing one of his first screenings even before he has mixed the sound with recordings of the true wild and animal sounds. It is called “The Island of Songs” In this film Gregory and  his “actors” Interact with wild lions, mantas, polar bears, orangutans, sperm whales and sea lions as if they were human.

It is unparalleled in its subject matter and stunning beauty.  Everything is suppose to be hush hush so can’t say more…but it will not be coming to a theatre near you soon. Instead it will wind up in 6 cities in very non-theatrical places…Stay Tuned.

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