Art Events Happening Across the Pond

Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer is in London this week  and she wants to share some exciting events:

Martyrs exhibition by Artist Bill Viola at St. Paul’s Cathedral:

Royal Academy ‘ special Summer Exhibit

The summer exhibit features everything that is happening in the art world. The exhibit is from June 9 – August 17, 2014 and featured many artists doing amazing things. According to the website, it is the “largest open entry exhibition.”

Almine Rech Gallery

The gallery opens June 3rd in London. The inaugural exhibition is Pittura Oggetto, which is curated by Natacha Carron. Other featured works by Agostino Bonalumi, Enrico Castellani, Dadamaino and Turi Simeti.

Dadamaino is one of Christy’s favorites artists. Here is an example of Dadamaino work,  “Optico-Dynamic Objects.”

Dadamaino 005

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