Mobile Advertising for Brands

As experts at linking brands and consumers, the Vidicom team is always seeking effective ways to increase brand awareness.  With 17.4% of web traffic coming directly from mobile this year, it is clear that companies should develop, if they haven’t already, smart mobile advertising strategies to increase brand exposure. Many businesses are already effectively using mobile advertising.  Listed below are businesses winning with mobile advertising and the ways in which they do so:

Rock/Creek: The outdoor gear and apparel company uses Twitter’s Promoted Accounts to increase awareness and engagement with followers who were interested in their products.
Karaoke Heroes: When the karaoke bar opened in 2012, it was able to reach its target audience via Facebook.
Colombo & Hurd: The Florida law firm was able to get more people into it’s office via Google Adwords.
Just Salad: The salad chain geotargets by using Foursquare ads.

Is your company using these mobile advertising platforms? Let Christy Ferer know with a comment!

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