Twice as Many Top 100 Brands Use Instagram Video as Vine

Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer thinks even brands can’t stay away from the Insta-Tan (pun intended) available through Instagram’s filters. The new video feature battle between Vine and Instagram has begun, and it looks as though Instagram already has a slight lead.  Even though this new feature was introduced only a week ago on Instagram, they have the upper hand due to their immense following, which Vine is currently working on obtaining.  Not only are Instagram users a fan of the ability to add a filter to their video, but the world’s brands are utilizing this social media network. Read Mashable’s article here!
Tell us in a comment which vou prefer!  Have a favorite Instagram filter?  Let us know on our Facebook Page!  Also, check out how brands like Nissan and Honda are using Vine and Instagram Video:

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