Linkins Lake Hike in Aspen, Colorado – One of Christy Ferer’s Favorite Places to Visit

For the perfect summer activity to experience the many perks of the great outdoors, all you have to do is grab your hiking boots, maybe pack a light lunch, and don’t forget that camera to document the breathtaking beauty of the Linkins Lake Trail.  Only a short drive outside of Aspen, Colorado lies Independent Pass, home to many trail-heads, including the Linkins Lake Hike.  With the many different difficulty levels, there is an experience for virtually everyone, but Linkins Lake is one hike in particular you should make note of.

Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer happens to be extremely lucky, in that when she went on the hike, the wildflowers were in full bloom.  Usually, they conceal their beauty until late July through late August, but they made an exception this year.  (Christy likes to think that the flowers bloomed for her!)

Searching for more hikes through the state of Colorado?  Click here for 5 of the most serene adventures exhibiting the alpine meadows.  Share your favorite hike in a comment below to add to the growing list of extraordinary hikes! For more information about the trail, visit


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