Cathedral Lake Hike in Aspen, Colorado

In the mood for some fresh air and incredible scenery?  The Cathedral Lake Hike is moderately difficult, but worth every ounce of expended effort.  The views are unimaginable, providing sights ranging from Aspen covered hills, to fields of wildflowers all along the hike as well as along the Cathedral Lake.  This past weekend, Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer was able to experience these views first hand, as she made the three mile trek to the lake and back.  It was a bit of a sweat in the warm weather, but the varied sun and shade along the trail was refreshing.  Beginning the hike, the trail was surrounded by immense Aspen trees, creating an enclosed environment before hitting the tree line.  Once Christy was out of the cover of the trees, the view opens up and extends for miles in all directions.  An amazing attraction of this hike is the fields of wildflowers all along the hike.

Aspen Trees Along the Trail
Click here more information on Cathedral Lake Hike

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