Vidicom’s BrandSpeak Meets ExpertSpeak

Vidicom’s own Resident TV host for Vidicom, Raina Seitel, will give a peek into her life as a mom and girlfriend on the Style Network’s new show “City Girl Diaries”.  Raina is far more than only that! She is also the baroness of branded video content. She’s had Yopa! Greek Yogurt with Gabby Douglas and got a tour of a Glidden Paint room makeover at Melissa Joan Hart’s house.  All of this is captured through video that streams live on Facebook to interact with fans directly, and through satellite exchanges with broadcast and web journalists. Taped segments of Raina are distributed to bloggers, TV stations and taxis.

CEO Christy Ferer is very excited that her company is partnering with the Experts Collective!  The collective, founded by Thomas P. Farley, features a relationship expert, a mixologist, an organizer, and nine other specialists.  Raina is also excited and supportive of this partnership as she comments, “Christy Ferer thinks that experts lend credibility to a brand’s story. If an expert and a brand are the right fit, they push that message out because an expert’s following is loyal and will respond to products they endorse.”

We continue to send out editorial calendars to brands that can buy into an expert’s segments. As a result, dozens of brands sign up each week to put their messaging in the mouths of those who know best. Vidicom broadly distribute that content either on livestreaming, broadcast or online platforms.



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