Raves in Venice 2013

ImageCindy Sherman rocks as part of the Venice Bienale’s where she curates rooms of her vision behind her legendary art.

Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer’s fave: all the photo albums she has collected from flea markets over 30years including one of transvestites living together in the 50”s.

But artist Rudolf Stingel wasn’t bad either. For the first time, the entire Palazzo Grassi sported carpeting based on an oriental rug covering the entire surface of the walls and floors… and we are talking about 30,000 square feet between all three floors of all these surfaces.

The exhibition is centered on the relationship between abstraction and figuration, observing how the constant fluidity between these two polarities characterizes the artist’s poetics. On the walls and floors which are really the artists interpretation of what a Persian carpet looks like, Stingel mixes ensemble of “photo-realistic” works, portraits of friends self-portraits taken at different stages of Stingel’s life, alpine landscapes or depictions of ancient religious sculptures.

The whole project was a mega undertaking…  Christy is wondering what they are going to do with the all the carpet covering those thousands of square feet of walls and floor?

For more info on the show: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-05-29/ai-weiwei-s-cell-sherman-giantess-boost-venice-biennale.html


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