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Training Veterans for Their Next Mission

Read an interesting article today in the Wall Street Journal, written by General Petraeus and Sidney E. Goodfriend, Senior advisor and founder/chairman of American Corporate Partners, respectively.

As a member of the advisory board and an entrepreneurial mentor, Christy Ferer and the Vidicom team  find it of the utmost importance that we focus on training veterans on returning to the workforce. It is the best way to help them realize their full potential – they’ve already proven themselves intelligent and capable through their brave service.

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The Suitors

Love the latest book Christy Ferer, Vidicom’s CEO, is reading, The Suitors, a modern-day Downtown Abbey! She hasn’t put it down since she started reading it. Christy Ferer is indulging in the gossip of the delightfully sinful French upper crust, and she also loves reading about the lavish lifestyle of luncheons, mansions, personal assistants, and ruthless social competition. Definitely worth a read!



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Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer Recommends SD26


SD26 is one of Vidicom’s CEO Christy Ferer’s favorite NYC restaurants. The chic dining room is sure to impress, but it’s the food that keeps her coming back.


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The Manhattan Dolls

Manhattan Dolls

Vidicom’s CEO Christy Ferer had a fantastic opportunity to see The Manhattan Dolls this week. The 1940s female vocal trio is a swing-style group with the sound of The Andrews Sisters. The group performs at military events, air shows, parades and jazz clubs. Don’t miss a chance to see this talent!

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The Harvard Krokodiloes

What a treat! Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer had the opportunity to see the Harvard Krokodiloes perform this week and they were incredible. The Krokodiloes are Harvard University’s oldest and most prestigious a cappella singing group. Don’t pass up a chance to hear them.


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